Xtreme GTR XM-GTR 7 Plate Clutch Pack (14x Fibres, 12x Steels)

390 000 Ft (nettó 307 087 Ft)

Nissan GTR R35 14 plate clutch pack kit is an excellent cost effective upgrade for your GTR.  Using our British engineering and manufacturing, not only improves, but enhances the finished product offering our customers the very best that money can buy.  Tried and tested, our cost effective upgrade, having sold thousands of our custom made plates, have satisfied our trade and retail customers throughout the would-wide GTR market, time after time. If you have a tight budget when looking to enhance your GTR, then when the time comes, our 14 plate-clutch pack is your first step to making your GTR a street racer.

These are designed to run 700hp while maintaining all your stock clutch parts, simply removing the OEM steel and friction plate and replacing them with our Up-rated plates.

Up-rated Billet A&B baskets and our Billet A&B pistons can be added to these kits, if required.

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Átlagos szállítási idő: 1-3 munkanap

Nissan GT-R 2007-2017 14tárcsás kuplung. Szinte gyári jellegűen működő, de akár 900Nm-el is megbirkózó kuplung szett. Költséghatékony jó megoldás. Gyári kopott helyére is jó megoldás.

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Gyártó Modell Év
Nissan GT-R 2007 - 2017
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